Bide & Fecht

A sustainabily-conscious daywear label, producing premium quality garments, keeping it ethical, sustainable and staying kind to the environment


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This one has been a passion project from back in 2012, which essentially got a little out of hand and became a 10 year side-hustle. – Bide & Fecht (ʙᴀʜʏᴅ & ғɛxᴛ) is a sustainability-conscious daywear label, producing premium quality garments, keeping things ethical, sustainable and staying kind to the environment.

Only using organic cotton, because it grows slower and in a more natural way, which results in a softer touch, rather than products made from synthetics like polyester fibres. All of the products are made in a renewable energy-powered factory. During the print process the ink is printed directly onto the fabric so it is totally wasteless and doesnt require washing off, as part of a connected system to find positive solutions and minimise waste. The inks used meet the GOTS certification standards and contain no animal derived products.

The name Bide & Fecht derives from the Gordon clan of Scotland, where my family origin begins. An adjective of the clan motto of Bydand directly translate as To Remain, in an admirable, trustworthy and honourable fashion.

Bide & Fecht is the foundation of that motto, of which there is a deeper meaning, to Stand & Fight, as in bravery, regardless of the opposition; to be prepared to stand for what you believe, to accept responsibility, act upon and defend It.

To remain.